Thursday, May 31, 2007

last bloggg.

My last blog for this course :[

New communucation technologies has been my favourite subject this semester. I have found everyhthing to be very relevant and helpful, not too hard and interesting as well.

This was my first time for having my own blog-spot. At first the idea of recording a blog each week did not sound to tempting to me. But... It is a lot more simpler than I thought it would be and has actually taught me a lot. I got the most out of doing the photoshop exercises. Before then I had never used photoshop and after using it i have decided that I want the program on my own computer.

As well as photoshop, I also found the microsoft word and excel exercises to be very helpful. If it isnt already obvious, i am very computer illeterate so by doing these exercises I have learnt some very valuable computing skills.

In erlation to the essay we wrote and posted as a blog, i found it to be a good assessment task as it was a broad topic which allowed for many different writing ideas. I am happy with what I wrote as I actually believed and cared about everything I was writing. I hope you found it to be ok.

This morning we had our exam and ive got to say, I dont think i went that great. I studies the revision sheet that was posted online.. but unfortuantely that was all i studied so there were many questions on the exam that I was unsure of.

Overall, I have enjoyed this subject and found it to be the most useful to me out of all the subjests i have taken for this semester.

Thank you for everything :]


Friday, May 25, 2007

Microsoft Excel Task.

Hey There.

Well this weeks task was a little less confusing than the microsoft word task... but i still failed to completely finish it.

In all honesty, I am not at all familiar with Microsoft Excel. I used it once in all of year 12 for a Maths Assignment and found it very frustrating. However, today's task has made me understand the program a lot more.

The first few execises where we had to create the table were very simple, I had no troubles at all. However, when we were required to insert codes I had a few troubles. It worked on the first set of columns with the correst answer... but every column underneath produced the same answer as well. This confused me as I am 90% certain I did what the instructions said but it wasn't working out for me... so, I had to put the answers in myself without any codes.

Making it into a graph was also a fairly simple task for me, I have made graphs before on Excel so it was nothing new to me.

I ran into trouble when I started doing the advanced exercise. Actually, at first I found the instructions really easy to follow. However, I ran into trouble when I got to this instruction:

'A new toolbar should now appear on your screen (it should be grey and without any buttons). Drag it to the top of the screen (or the bottom) and sit it alongside some of the other Toolbars'

Nothing was appearing grey and I wasnt sure where to drag the new toolbar. I attempted to move onto the next instruction exceot I was pretty much lost witht the rest of them too. I did go to the help menu to try and fix the problem but only found myself more lost.

Although I didn't completely finish this weeks task, I can say that my knowledge on Microsoft Excel has been expanded, so I'm happy!

Thanks for another week :]

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey there.

Well I attempted all of the exercises...

I found the first few exercises really simple. It was nothing new to me as i have used all of the tools used in the exercises many times. The first advanced exercise wasn't too bad. It was alittle confusing but nothing i couldnt figure out. However, when i got to the last advanced exercise (mail merging) I statrted having a few problems. I didnt fully complete the task as I ended up completely lost and couldt find any solutions. I created a list of three different contacts with no troubles at all but i becam ecompletely confused when trying to insert them. I could not find the tool to click on to do the task so i improvised and just wrote it in myself. After that I saw no hope in me finishing it.

Despite my confusuion I learnt some new tasks that I never knew existed within Microsoft Word. I can see how they would be very useful in the workplace and in going about applying for a job position.

Considering how important computers are these days and how essential they are to almost all aspects of the work force, I found this task very relevant and hope that I can learn more, specifically on Microsoft Word.


The media plays a pivotal role in global communications. Over the past century, there has been a phenomenal development in technology. Not only does new technology generate billions of dollars yearly and accompany all aspects of the global workforce, it is the drive of success behind the growth of the media industry. In today’s world fame and fortune rule the social hierarchy. It is a well-documented fact that the media has thrust everyday people, with or without performance talent, into the social limelight. Whilst this has a somewhat beneficial effect on the economy, it can also have a detrimental effect on ordinary youth. It is common for celebrities to often use their fame in order to enhance their profit through varying media outlets. A perfect example of this can be seen in the widespread success of rapper ’50 Cent’. Almost unknown outside his hometown of Southside Jamaica, 50 Cent, formerly known as Curtis Jackson, is currently one of the most well-known and commercially successful rappers of the decade. He rose to fame after achieving multi-platinum success with his two latest albums, selling around 22 million copies worldwide. (African American Registry, 2005, The success of 50 Cent is generated through his shocking representations of violence, women and drugs; all depicted in varying media outlets.

In 2005, 50 Cent launched Bulletproof, a video game, which promotes violence and vengeance. It depicts the survival on the streets of young black men from low socio-economic backgrounds and their involvement in crime, revenge and police corruption. The aim of the game revolves around 50 Cent’s search for revenge, hunting down the hit men that attempted to murder him. (Microsoft Games, 2007, Before this game was even released into Australia the Classification Board refused classification on the basis that the game was too violent to accommodate the MA15+ classification. The board came to this conclusion based on the following factors:

Many violent seqeunces are rendered in slow-motion with some zooming in on the action and the moment of death
Some of the sequences also include blood spray on the screen
Some victims scream, moan or beg before they are killed; and
A victim who is injured can be shot and killed as they crawl away.

Despite this, Bulletproof was realeased in Australia in April 2006. (Leuveren, 2006, Subseqeuntly, this product has invited millions of consumers to glorify violence and vengeance. Teens that spend more time watching violent depictions in the ‘real’ life of ‘gangsta’ artists are more likely to practice these behavious in real life, according to the American Journal of Public Health. (Kirchheimer, 2003, pg. 01) However, according to 50 Cent, Bulletproof is educational, in that it teaches young children how gang life really is. On the other hand, many political leaders contradict 50 Cent, saying the game is ‘violent, outrageous and with no message.’ (Kirchheimer, 2003, pg. 01)While 50 Cent profits from this media endorsement, adolecents paticularly, are being misleaded by the the portrayl of a grim, angry and violent black society, they are also invited to believe that gun warfare is an acceptable solution. Bulletproof is in no way educational or representative of gang life. Its unrealistic portrayl has no relevance to today’s youth. While 50 Cent uses a video game to negatively rpresent violence in gangs, he uses his music to negatively represent women.

Music is one of today’s most popular media purchases. Not only is it cheap to buy, it can easily be stolen off the internet, due to the advancement in computer technology. 50 Cent blatantly exploits women through his lyrics and video clips. His lyrics glorify the sexual power he has over women:

‘Got the magic stick, I’m the love doctor... Get on top then get to bouncing round like a low rider... After you work up a sweat you can play with the stick. I’m trying to explain baby the best way I can I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hand. I take you to the candy shop. I’ll let you lick a lollypop. Go’head girl, don’t you stop.’ (Sing365: 2006:

These lyrics were taken from his top charting song in Australia ‘Candy Shop’. Australian youth are profiting a man who exerts his sexual power as over women. Not only is this degrading it is inviting Australian youth to take up the idea that men can view women as sexual objects and if you are so lucky to take a woman to your ‘candy shop’ you have sexual power. Dr. Steven Martino, who recently led a US published study in relation to rap music commented that, ‘These lyrics depict men as sexually insatiable, women as sexual objects, and sexual intercourse as inconsequential...’ (Unknown, 2006, pg. 01) 50 Cent also negatively impacts youths through his movie, Get Rich or Die Trying.

Movies are also another popular and prevalent media past time among adoloecents. In 2003, 50 Cent told Rolling Stone magazine that, ‘Consistency is the key to all success. If you can consistently sell crack without the cops comin', you gonna be successful.’ (Wells, 2006, pg. 07) Consequently, 50 Cent positions youths to take up the idea that drug dealing is acceptable if it contributes to personal success. This idea is reinforced through his movie Get Rich or Die Trying, a semi-auto biographical film produced in 2005. (Smith, 2003, pg.01) The film depicts and emphasises his life on the streets as a drug dealer. It relives 50 Cent following in the footsteps of his drug dealing mum who was murdered when he was only eight years old. The plot continues with 50 Cent at age twelve on the streets selling crack. According to this film, he dropped out of school in year ten and was already a street icon, a ghetto celebrity feared throughout Queens, in control of a crack house and the main drug-selling strip. At eighteen, 50 Cent was making $5,000 a day selling crack and heroin, which kept him in constant trouble with the law and led him to his eventual rise to fame. (Unknown, 2005, Get Rich or Die Trying has no relevance to today’s youth, other than entertainment. 50 Cent has used a popular media endorsement to portray a life of success through crime.

Ultimately, it can be seen that 50 Cent is a deplorable role model for youths. He has used his status to produce the media endorsements of a video game, music and a movie to wrongly depict violence, women and drug abuse. His international status is dangerous in terms of his many negative connotations. His video game endorsement is far from educational, his music is epitomised by exploitative lyrics and he depicts drug dealing as a key element to success. Whilst his youth fan base is huge, his media products have no relevance. He represents an unknown culture and way of life. It is worrying to know that adolescents particularly, are profiting a man who sells media endorsements that manifest violence, denegration of women and substance abuse.

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hey :]

well i checked out both and to check out the differences between 3D and IM socialising.

I am a regular user of MSN and find it convienient, easy and quick. It is definitely my prefernce over 3D world chat rooms.

Whilst both types of chat rooms are there to serve the same purpose there are a number of differences.

3D chat rooms, specifically, to create their own world and character. It offers a varity of visual aspects that add an extra dimension to the chosn environment. The defining difference is that 3D world chat rooms commonly involve avatars. Avatars are internet users representations of themselves. Users are able to custimize their own avatars, the avatars gestures, and the position and orientation of their avatars.

On the other hand, IM socialising does not solely serve the purpose of a created environmnet. It is a type of communications service that enables you to create a private chat room with another individual. Typically, the instant messaging system alerts you whenever somebody on your private list is online. You can then initiate a chat session with that particular individual. Many IM programs offers users the optin of visiting 3D world and playing 3D games with other poeple on thei rcontact list. However, its main purpose is just quick correspondence and less emphasis on the visual side of things, unlike 3D chatrooms.

In my opinion, it is not the communicating that is vastly different with 3D chat rooms compared to IM correspondence, it is the environmnent that it is done in. Therefore, communication is not altered depending on the program, rather the visual aspect. At the end of the day, i feel it comes down to user preference.

That is all for now...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

week 7. 20.04.07

NEWS-WORTHY: I think this photo is an ideal representation of the theme 'news-worthy' as it symbolises drought, a topic that is very current in Australian news. To achieve this effect I used the tool artistic and used poster edges.

POPULAR: I chose this photo as a representation of the theme 'popular' as ipods are such a current trend and are extremely popular. To achieve this effect i used the brush strokes tool and used sprayed edges.

GAMES: I chose this photo represents the theme 'games' because it is under the games toolbar on a computer desktop and the fact that card games are always popular. To achieve this effect I went to the artistic tool and clicked on plastic wrap.

AUSTRALIAN: I used a phot of a BBQ to represent the theme of 'Australian'. I chose this photo because BBQ's are a large part of Australian culture. All i did to get this effect was click on the blur tool.

COMMUNICATION: Mobiles are one of the primary forms of communication, which why i beleive it is the perfect representation of the communication theme. I used the artistic tool and the neon effect in order to achieve this image.

FRIENDS: This is a photo of myself and my best friend, thus representing the theme of 'friends'. To create the effect i used the distort tool and diffused glow. I also enhanced the grain effect on it.

CELEBRITY: This picture represent the theme celebrity obviously because it is a celebrity walking the red carpet. To get this effect I used the pixalating tool and crystallised it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

UNIVERSITY LIFE: When i think of university life i think of studying, discussion and group work. Thus, this photo is what i believe clearly indicates the theme of 'university life'.
UNCONVENTIONAL: this photo is an accurate representation of theme 'unconventional'. Normally the groom ornament is fixed next to the bride ornament. This photo clearly defies normal wedding convention in realtion to the cake.

SUMMER: this photo was taken on a family holiday. It involves sand, water, sun, clear blue sky and boats. All of these things are commonly linked with the theme of 'summer'.

NEWS: the news is apart of everyday life. People are constantly being fed news through the television, radio, magazines and especially the newspaper. This photo is an obvious representation of the theme 'news'. It is informative, never the same and probably one of the most commonly read commodities worldwide.

HIGH TECH: This photo clearly resembles the theme of 'high tech'. It is a new zealand satellite in outer space. The technology being developed and used in space is advanced in its ability to serve humans with whether forcasts and further research in realtion to planets etc.

FRIENDS: i think that this photo is a good representation of the theme 'friends' as it was taken at our school formal and is myself with a couple of my closest friends from school. It is a photo that i will always look back on with good memories. It clearly shows that we are freinds.